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The Brexit Agenda – The Contemporary FD Summit 2017

As part of our ongoing FD events programme, we recently held our annual FD Summit with Smith and Williamson.

The main topic of the event was the Finance Director’s role as a navigator of risk.

Brexit was of course on the agenda and for one session we debated five key questions on the subject and what the priorities, challenges and opportunities are for high growth, high potential companies.

Click here for a summary of the deliberations which we hope you find interesting and thought provoking.

Established since 2004, our client base comprises owners, entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs and FDs looking to recruit a new financial controller or head of finance.

The businesses we recruit into are predominantly SMEs on a growth path often with a degree of leverage and/or private equity/VC backing.

We look to work with only the most entrepreneurial candidates who are seeking truly challenging, truly commercial roles with real profile in a business.

Contact us if you want to discuss an assignment or your next career move

We believe in really getting to know our clients and our candidates, not virtually, actually.

So you won't find Equity FC on social media/networking sites. The fact is, if you are reading this we've found each other and we should talk!

BVCA Annual Gala Dinner

We are always pleased to work with the BVCA and sponsored the Annual Gala Dinner again in December 2016.

Here is a short video from the event.

We are also very pleased to be working with them at the High Growth Conference on 20th June 2017, hosting a Round Table session.

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  • "Following a glowing recommendation by a fellow professional I instructed Paul at EquityFC when I needed to hire a commercial orientated FC into a high growth and agile business. Paul was a great recruitment partner, working swiftly with very good insight into the right fit for both me and the broader team.   I would recommend EquityFC and Paul in particular. "

    Bernardus Vorster, CFO, Victor
  • "I am the FD at a really exciting  business, Sofar Sounds, which organises bespoke live gigs around the world and has recently attracted investment from Richard Branson. So I needed a really strong FC; technically excellent but also culturally aware. James at EquityFC found me just what I was looking for! "

    Adrian Dawe, Finance Director, So Far Sounds
  • "I am the CFO for a tech travel solutions business and worked with Paul at EquityFC to source my Group Financial Controller. His knowledge of the market and agility in dealing with a specific brief were outstanding and I have made a terrific hire for the team and the wider business. "

    Brad Petzer, CFO, Mercator
  • "I was placed into my role as Director of Finance at Time Out Market by Paul at EquityFC. They were straight forward to work with and did an excellent job of keeping me up to date as we went through the process. They ensured my requirements for a really commercial role were delivered! "

    Sarah Grainger, Director of Finance, Time Out Market
  • "I own and run an exciting technology enabled services business and I needed to hire a Head of Finance to complete the top team Paul at EquityFC delivered a well thought out shortlist from which I felt I could confidently make this key appointment. A job well done! "

    Oliver Richmond, Director, Servicing Stop
  • "I worked with James at EquityFC to recruit a new Financial Controller into the rapidly growing  VC backed  tech business where I am CFO. James executed a swift and thorough search , enabling me to hire a great number two who is proving a real asset across the operations… "

    Stuart Rogers, CFO, Lineup
  • "We worked with Paul and Sarah at EquityFC /FD to recruit a new Director of Finance for Time Out Market – an exciting  international leisure roll out. They were quick to grasp the requirements of the role and the growth plans for the organisation. Paul delivered an excellent  shortlist and subsequent appointment within a very efficient time frame and the new hire is..."

    Victor Vadaneaux, Managing Director, Oakley Capital
  • "I worked with Paul at EquityFC to source a new financial controller for the rapidly growing private equity backed business  where I am CFO . Paul was very focused on the process and took the time to fully understand my needs and those of the business resulting in the hire of a great right hand woman for me in finance. "

    Jake Emerson, CFO, Bread Holdings
  • "Sarah , Joanna ,Paul and Ray worked together to source us a great CFO , his number two , and an interim solution to cover the new Financial Controller’s notice period.  They clearly understood our requirements as a PE owned business and matched the culture and dynamic of our management team perfectly with the candidates they presented for each of the roles. I would recommend..."

    Jo Tomlin -Sims HR Director Jeyes Group
  • "I was referred to EquityFC and EquityInterim by my investors as I needed to hire a key senior financial resource quickly . Ray and Paul were extremely swift to react, and I was able to onboard a hire within a couple of weeks.The candidate is proving to be a great team member. "

    Carmen Carey CEO, Big Data Partnership
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