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We are focused on Finance Director, Financial Controller and Head of Finance Recruitment into high growth, high potential businesses. We understand fully how key the roles we recruit are to supporting and enhancing growth and unlocking returns.


The scale-up CFO’s agenda, with James Harland, CFO First Mile

On 27th February 2020, we are delighted to be co -hosting a further round table breakfast, The Scale –Up CFO’s Agenda, together with our strategic partner Smith & Williamson. This series looks at the differing sets of challenges and opportunities facing senior finance professionals of growth companies. 

This invitation only, interactive event will bring together a small number of like-minded CFOs to discuss and debate these issues as they face them on their mission to deliver real value.

We will hear from one of our clients ,James Harland CFO of Private Equity Backed high growth recycling business, First Mile. First Mile is focused on helping businesses in London and Birmingham minimise their environmental footprint by maximising recycling of their waste. James is also Chairman of Sensat, a Series A technology business, digitising the construction industry through AI and drone-based surveying. James will be sharing his experiences of taking scaling businesses on the value creation journey, from venture backed start up to exit. James has a very broad background with his career spanning roles as an investor, advisor, CFO/COO and NED. 

First Mile is James’s third CFO role, the first acting as COO /CFO at US based fast growth Silverrail Technologies which was sold to Expedia in 2016, after James had contributed to raising three rounds of venture capital from top tier West coast firms, three debt transactions and leading two transformative acquisitions. This followed a period as an executive at a leading UK  mid market PE firm , giving James’ experiences added interest, having seen deal making from both an investor and an investee viewpoint.

Aside from hearing from James  this is also a great, informal opportunity to network and share with  peers. 

For more information or to request an invitation please contact Sarah on 



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