About us

Equity FC was established in 2004 by Sarah Hunt and Robert Draper and operates alongside its sister brands Equity FD, EquityChair and Equity Interim

The idea behind the brand evolved from the launch of Equity FD 4 years earlier and in response to an increasing understanding of the specific challenges in recruiting at the financial controller level into a growth SME.

Finding a financial controller with strong business acumen and a desire to join a dynamic enterprise is no easy task. There are a lot of accountants out there and it is often tempting to adopt the 'one-size fits all' approach. We understand that this can be a limiting factor when recruiting for an entrepreneurial company (particularly one that has some degree of leverage and /or private equity backing) and our approach is specifically focused on seeking out only those candidates who positively want these roles.

Many of our people have worked within both blue-chip organisations as well as SMEs and so come with the benefit of 'big company, best practice' experience coupled with an understanding of the requirements of a hands-on role within an entrepreneurial company. Many have had experience of equity and debt financing structures and an exit driven agenda.