Our clients

Equity FC specialises in the recruitment of financial controllers into individual, entrepreneurial companies where steady state is never going to be an option. The businesses we work with cross sectors and locations but are united in their requirement for a broadly skilled and technically strong financial controller to work as a key support to a commercial and driven finance director.

Most of these businesses are standalone, many with a degree of leverage and/or private equity backing. All have an agenda which is about taking action, managing cash, embracing shareholder value, setting and achieving targets.

Our branding ensures that our message is clear. We only seek to source financial controllers who are positively seeking commercially focused roles, with real profile in the business.
Most often our client is the finance director of a business and very often it is someone we have worked with before who knows that we understand the particular type of candidate sought.

We work to understand:

  • The business, its products, its markets and the opportunities and challenges they present.
  • The goals and issues in the business, what plans it has to expand and/or exit and what funding or cash challenges it may have.
  • What is driving the management team and the owners of the business.
  • What will be the best fit with the business for the new hire, crucially to ensure that the incoming FC is aligned with the business’ goals and will be able to play a full role.

Our clients cross sector and location. They include:

  • Private equity or venture capital backed businesses.
  • Owner managed businesses.
  • Bank owned businesses (often following a debt/equity swap).
  • AIM listed businesses.
  • Start ups/pre-revenue businesses.
  • Newly de-merged businesses.
  • Businesses looking to list.

Our testimonials demonstrate the range of sectors and locations we have worked across, from support services to fashion brands and from Manchester to Malaysia!

Our candidates are not generally sector specific, rather they are business facing FCs with a broad, technical and commercial tool kit. If a particular sector requirement is a pre requisite (as often is the case in for example, manufacturing, retail or financial services) then we are able to drill down into our network and produce candidates who match specific criteria. Crucially, they won’t be in our network if they have not selected themselves for the type of roles we work with – so we won’t be sacrificing mindset for sector expertise – they will have both!