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  • Hard data or virtual reality? 13 Jun 2017

    If this decade ought to be remembered for anything in business, it’s data. Big Data. Data Analytics. Data privacy and data security. Fuzzy data, unstructured data, data mining. We’re at the point when every senior job demands you to have some kind of facility with analytics, at the very least a passing interest in how well... Read more

  • BATNA down the hatches 8 May 2017

    If nothing else, the politics of our time are an object lesson in leadership. Is Trump a great leader because he managed to win an election on (most would argue) racist hot air and pandering to some notional desire to blitz elites? Or is he a terrible leader who’s merely chanced his arm? What about Marine Le Pen?... Read more

  • Contemporary FD 2017: the wrap-up 23 Mar 2017

    The second annual Contemporary FD event brought together 139 delegates, 19 speakers... and a raft of new ideas for navigating choppy waters ahead.   The thing about clichés, they say, is that they only become so by being true. And while it’s infuriating that every other business article or positioning paper these days begins, “the business world... Read more

  • Make your mark in 2017 22 Dec 2016

    Rather than endlessly pore over the entrails of 2016 – a year many people will class as the worst in living memory for all sorts of reasons – we though now would be a time to look forward. One of the oldest clichés in the financial management book is that it’s hard to steer when you&rsquo... Read more

  • Meet your new algorithmic overlords 13 Oct 2016

    Artifical intelligence does not have such a great reputation in our culture. HAL 9000, Skynet, that big glowing cube thing in I, Robot… Let’s just say we humans have something of an inferiority complex about machines doing the thinking. But that’s not going to stop those machines coming for your finance function. In the words of... Read more

  • Sarah appears on CMS (Cameron Mckenna)‘s website this month in a featured article 17 Aug 2016

    This month our spotlight article features Sarah Hunt who joined CMS back in 1989.  Sarah gives us the low down on her career so far and reveals her passion for helping young people into the world of business. When did you work at CMS (Cameron McKenna) and in what team? I joined what was then Cameron Markby Hewitt... Read more

  • The benefits of blindness 11 Aug 2016

    What do Germany, Bangladesh, Norway, Namibia, Poland, Myanmar and the UK have in common? How about this group: the UK, Liberia, Switzerland, Lithuania, Brazil, South Korea, Chile, Malta, Croatia, Mautitius, Nepal, the Marshall Islands, Saint Lucia, Granada, The Bahamas, Taiwan and Austria? Are they potential trading blocs post-Brexit? No. Some list of Olympic achievements? Also topical, also wrong. No, the... Read more

  • Getting a grip 27 Jun 2016

    You really don’t need any more pontificating about Brexit. But sometimes a topic is so overwhelmingly part of the national conversation, it’s hard not to pitch in. So: what does the referendum vote mean for finance execs and growth businesses? Let’s start with the chatter. AccountancyAge did a poll and 45% of accountants say it... Read more

  • Cassandra calling 19 May 2016

    Are we on the brink of some kind of economic meltdown? We’re seeing lots of indicators showing the UK, US, European and Chinese economies cooling off – and plenty of doomish commentators warning this might trigger a tipping point into some kind of collapse. Is this Cassandra – cursed by Apollo never to have her accurate... Read more

  • The price people will pay 21 Apr 2016

    In the 1st century BC, Publilius Syrus wrote: “Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.” (Among other quotes apocryphally ascribed to him are “better late than never” and “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” Smart guy.) That’s a lesson on value that springs quickly to mind... Read more