Sarah Hunt

Owner and Managing Director

Sarah Hunt

Sarah founded Equity FD in 2000 and followed this with Equity FC and EquityChair in 2004 and 2010 and EquityInterim in 2011.

Sarah originally comes from Manchester where she went to school. She then came to university in London to read Law and followed this with a year at Law school.

She joined the City firm of what was then called Cameron Markby Hewitt (now CMS Cameron Mckenna) and qualified as a solicitor, specialising in banking and insolvency.

After 5 years at Camerons, Sarah had realised that a career in law was perhaps not the most suitable pursuit for her and she made a radical departure to Michael Page Group. Here she spent 6 much happier years running a team specialising in finance recruitment into the financial services sector.

In 2000 she left Michael Page specifically to start up Equity FD, which she did with investment from Invex Capital. Her goal was to develop a brand which would attract only the most entrepreneurial finance directors into its client base of largely exit driven businesses. Sarah recruited a team and established Equity FC in 2004 (with Robert Draper) and EquityChair in 2010 (with Cindy Casciani).

Sarah has a strong interest in encouraging young people (in particular, young women) to go into business and has undertaken many visits to schools and spoken at numerous events with this goal in mind. Sarah is also passionate about the ever evolving role of the FD (in particular in private equity backed businesses) and has been a judge for the FD's Excellence Awards from its inauguration. She has spoken at many events and conferences focused on the role of the FD and the broader venture capital and private equity communities.

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office no: 020 7493 2703
mob no: 07958 281 515