Most of the businesses we work with are standalone, many with a degree of leverage and PE/VC funding. All have an agenda which is about taking action, managing cash, enhancing shareholder value, setting and achieving targets.

Our branding ensures that our message is clear. We only seek to work with candidates who positively seek and embrace profile and risk, want to put their head above the parapet and who are focused on a delivering success for the businesses they join. Our deliberate and relentless focus on building real, dynamic candidate networks sets us apart from our competitors and gives us both a deep understanding of the technical skills required for successful, value creating hires together with true insight into the mindsets that drive career decisions.

We are often initially referred into a business by an advisor, investor, lender, chair or finance director who we have worked with previously and who knows that we understand the particular nature of the individuals being sought.

Our clients are, however, almost always the businesses themselves and include:

  • Private equity/venture capital backed businesses;
  • Owner managed businesses;
  • AIM listed businesses;
  • Start-ups/pre revenue businesses;
  • Newly de-merged businesses;
  • Businesses looking to list;
  • Bank owned businesses (often following a debt/equity swap);
  • AIM listed growth companies.

Our testimonials demonstrate the range of sectors and locations we have worked across, from high growth fintech to established fashion brands and from Preston to Prague!

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