“I hope I can give people the challenges and reassurance that allow them to be their best”

26 Apr 2021

Seema Paterson studied French literature and economics at university – not the most obvious joint honours for a budding CFO. But, she says, “I just loved French and I was good with numbers.” And her professional trajectory did become apparent before she had even graduated. Her year abroad wasn’t spent as a language teacher – it was in a French business… Read more

“I wanted to test my knowledge against the reality of operations”

20 Jan 2021

Julia Hubbard has often found herself at the centre of a corporate storm. And sometimes it’s even been exactly where she intended to be – whether it’s seeking fast growth or effecting a turnaround. It’s actually not that uncommon to come across finance leaders who relish excitement. True, many see calm and stability as an intrinsic objective of solid financial management. But… Read more

“It’s not unreasonable to choose flexibility”

16 Nov 2020

Emily Gestetner’s CV only lists a handful of companies. But she rarely sits still, refusing to be pigeon-holed, over-specialised or (perhaps most importantly) bored. She’s also been determined to run her career on her own terms. Like a lot of finance leaders, Emily Gestetner doesn’t waste any time. Our chat takes place from her car on her way home from her job… Read more

“I’ve always sought out control.”

11 Sep 2020

It’s always worth looking at the specific motivations for someone’s leadership journey. “I don’t know whether I planned my career exactly,” says Anita Rajdev, until recently COO at creative agency TH_NK and Commercial Officer for Europe at parent company EPAM. “But the more I saw in business, the more I worked on interesting problems, the more I wanted to control things.” Like… Read more

“You can chose to see the opportunity or the challenge”

6 Jul 2020

Energetic, open-minded, keen to learn and always up for a challenge. They’re not the qualities most people expect to find in execs with an audit background. But they’re the hallmark of one well-travelled and dynamic finance leader we know… Romana Murphy has always loved her job as CFO for EMEA and Asia at test equipment supplier Electro Rent Group. “I like an… Read more

“What’s the lever we don’t see yet that could change the game?”

4 May 2020

Few CFOs will have faced times as testing as the coronavirus pandemic. But Tamsin Ashmore has already had her share of finance leadership on the edge. She’s looking at the lockdown as another opportunity to learn about herself, her business – and drawing on the resilience her other tough roles have given her. She talked to Richard Young. The conversation turned immediately… Read more

“It’s a tough job but I wouldn’t want to do anything else”

8 Apr 2020

Dianne Buchanan is CFO at fleet company Tuskerdirect. It’s the latest stop in a career where she’s always sought challenge, teamwork – and as much travel as she can get. But as she explains to Richard Young, she’s never forgotten the mentors who helped her develop. That’s given her a keen sense of the importance of team leadership too. Tusker manages over… Read more